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Snazzi* net-TV A-Series

Dual Encoder IP Live Streaming Box

Snazzi* net-TV A-Series  

net-TV A Series

net-TV A series is a device that connects to your cable or satellite box and streams your TV shows and DVR content over the intranet or internet for you to watch and control anywhere you go. The product can be used by both local and remote users. It supports dual stream and can enable two users watch different programs at the same time.

Local user operate by the remote control, and can also use local functions such as real-time recording, recorded files playing, schedule recording setting and PIP besides watching TV programs.

Remote users can use PC (supports Windows), mobile phone or tablet (supports iOS, Android and Windows Phone) or special Receiver Box to connect net-TV A series via network (LAN or WAN) to enjoy Live TV programs anywhere and anytime.

Member of net-TV A Series

net-TV A series has three models: A2, A5 & A7. All of them can encode and decode dual stream, and can serve two users at the same time.

Their basic functions and using methods are almost the same. The only difference is that the video sources they support are different, as following:

If you donít need to use the CAM video source of A7, you can connect the CAM connector to video device such as DVD, DVR or STB and use it as an AV video source. Thatís to say A7 can support two AV sources.

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