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Snazzi* net-TV A-Series

Dual Encoder IP Live Streaming Box

Snazzi* net-TV A-Series  

Key Features & Benefits

1. Dual Stream
net-TV A series supports dual D1 (720x480) encoding and decoding, so it enables two users to watch different programs separately at the same time, and their video resolution can both achieve D1.

2. Less Bandwidth & Better Quality
Using H.264 high performance encoder combined with adaptive bitrate streaming technique can auto detect bandwidth in real time and adjusting the quality of a video stream accordingly, the smooth video requires only 256K bandwidth.

3. net-TV Mobile2 for popular Mobile Devices
net-TV mobile2 is an application dedicated to smart phone and tablet users. You can use this application to connect net-TV A series to enjoy programs. net-TV mobile2 supports Android, Windows Phone and iOS operating system.

4. Schedule Recording
Personal Video Recorder (PVR) allows you to record your favorite programs so that you can still go to your friendís house for dinner and not miss your favorite TV show. It supports both local and remote recording setting.

5. Ease of Use & Setup
The special name server and UPnP protocol make an easy network connection. You can get rid of complex network configuring and just use it by Plug and Play.

6. A Remote Control you may recognize
With supplied IR blaster and IR learning program, a programmable on-screen version of your home remotes displayed on your LCD, letting you surf local TV or toggle through your DVR recordings in a familiar manner. You can even add or remove buttons from this virtual remote to suit your needs.

7. Video on Demand
Remote App can play the recorded files which saved in the USB storage that connected to net-TV A series online without download. Give you access to your favorite programs that you can watch - when you want to watch them.

8. Record & Pause Live TV
Remote App can record the playing program at any time for watching later. Time-Shift function allows you to pay for the pizza and come back to the show where you left it or to skip ads easily.

9. Wifi Wireless Netowrk Connection
Supports the USB WiFi wireless network connection. (The WiFi wireless network adapter is not supplied. If you want to use Wireless adapter go with net-TV A series, it has to use Ralink RT2571WF chipset.)

10. More Local Functions for your need
Local user can watch TV programs directly, and can also use more local functions such as instant record, play recorded files, setup schedule record and system configuration, picture in picture (PIP).

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