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Snazzi* DV.Bridge II incorporates premium commercial DV codec for realtime Bi-directional AV to DV and DV to AV conversion. The stand-alone unit converts a DV signal into a standard composite or S-Video with stereo audio or vice versa. The DV hardware codec used in the DV.Bridge II guarantees superior quality and sets no limits to your creativity. Converting your analog videos to DV format ensures that your videos can be edited in your NLE without any loss of quality and be preserved in high quality digital format. No matter what type of video source you have, making creative movies is as simple as 123.

Snazzi* DV.Bridge II is an ideal companion for video editors who want high quality AV to DV conversion for editing in NLE and wish to preview their final composition on TV from the timeline. Because it can hook up the DV board to a standard TV Set, studio people now don’t need to buy expensive NLE hardware. It’s the fully integrated hardware/software solution that comes bundled with Adobe Premiere Elements, which is the most powerful video editor in its class offering perfect combination of creative controls from capturing to finalizing your compositions.

  • Front Panel Button for Volume, Color, Brightness and Contrast Adjustment
  • Convert Analog video to DV and vice versa in realtime ensuring excellent picture and sound quality
  • Capture DV from AV/DV sources directly onto timeline
  • Supports variety of video decks including AV/DV i.e. DV, DV-CAM, i-Link, S-VHS, VHS, Hi-8, Video-8
  • Preview your edits in realtime on TV from the timeline
  • Easily trim and delete scenes without leaving gaps
  • Use eye-catching transitions and effects
  • Compatible with wide range of iMAC and PC NLE software (eg. Premiere Pro, Final Cut Pro, Media Studio Pro, Movie Maker etc)
  • Slim and compactness for mobility


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