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Snazzi* VideoMaker supports the latest encoding format MPEG-4, along with MPEG-1 and MPEG-2. Using superior data compression technology, MPEG-4 will allow for video to be transferred and played anytime, anywhere, at DVD quality. Snazzi* VideoMaker allows users to capture their raw video inputs into MPEG-4 format, to be transferred and stored easily into different media, channels and devices, you can now send video to mobile phones and PDAs with ease.

Encasing encoding hardware in a sleek and small unit the size of a PDA, Snazzi* VideoMaker is BUS-powered (meaning no need for power adaptor as it derives its power from the USB port), making it ideal for laptop users. Snazzi* VideoMaker comes with powerful yet simple to use software targeted at all user levels.



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