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Snazzi* V DVD Pro is a 5th generation Snazzi* MPEG Hardware Encoder. It features real-time professional quality encoding in MPEG-1 and MPEG-2 from Composite, S-Video and studio equipment YUV Component video source. Snazzi* V DVD Pro is WHQL compliant with 10 bit ADC and integrated anti-alias and 5-line adaptive COMB filters as well as programmable GOP to meet the need of both novice and advanced users. It supports MPEG-1 VCD and MPEG-2 DVD (MP@ML) Full D1 and I-frame up to 15 mbps with CBR/VBR compression to meet professional and Non Linear Editing need. This is a highly adaptive product which can be upgraded to meet future video encoding need.

With intuitive user interface, the integrated software applications provide a total solution for capturing, editing and final authoring plus disk burning to meet the needs of professional DVD production.

  • Studio Quality MPEG-1/2 VCD/DVD Hardware Encoder with YUV Component input
  • I-Frame and MPEG-2 up to MP@ML 15 mbps for professional NLE with
    guaranteed A/V sync
  • Advanced 5-line adaptive COMB filter and Anti-Alias filter for video enhancement
  • Supports PAL/NTSC/SECAM and VBR/CBR with Programmable GOP
  • Captures DV-AVI, WMV and newly emerging video formats
  • Recording Gallery, Scheduled Recording and Pre-Defined File Size Recording
  • Complete solution to capture, edit, author and burn prosumer VCD and DVD

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