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Snazzi* Premiere Pro elevates digital video editing to a whole new level. This revolutionary high performance non-linear editing application delivers a host of real-time integrated tools that works together to allow you to make instantaneous edit, create next-generation motion graphics snd visual effects, mix audio and author professional DVDs.

Built for the superior performance of Microsoft XP systems, Snazzi* Premiere Pro provides you with the power and precision which makes it possible to finally get the attention you deserve.

The Snazzi* DV.Premiere Pro Avio Edition delivers highly integrated DV and AV Input Output functions together with Adobe Premiere Pro, DVD Encore and Audition to produce professional quality results for film, video, DVD, and the Web. It even captures and playback the ISO Mpeg-4 and Windows Media Encoder 9 formats. This comprehensive production toolset is well integrated, streamlining your workflow to give you more time to be creative and to maximize your productivity.


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