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Snazzi* HDV.Video Collections combine the best of the SD and HD formats as a complete post production solution for the professional videographers – elevating video production to a whole new level where editors have powerful editing applications that works with virtually any format, from AV, DV to HDV. Snazzi* HDV.Video Collections deliver a host of real-time integrated tools that works together to allow you to capture High Definition videos, edit multiple HDV streams, create next-generation motion graphics and visual effects, mix audios, author professional videos and much more – all in real-time without the need for the rendering process.

Seen as one of the most advanced editing packages, Snazzi* HDV.Video Collections Crystal Studio Edition delivers the complete HD post production solution for capture, edit, produce and finally with full resolution playback preview of your High Definition output. Our Crystal version comes bundled with CineForm’s Aspect HD which literally triples the timeline editing performance of Adobe HDV to offer multiple HDV streams on the Premiere Pro timeline. Designed as a premium choice for HD editors across the board, Crystal Studio edition empowers the HD Post Production specialist to playback their finished HD productions on SnaZio* Net DVD Cinema HD right from their desktop to a generic HD resolution Plasma or projector via Ethernet LAN or Wifi-g connection. Only Snazzi* HDV.Video collection ensures that your videos remain crystal clear and razor-sharp from editing to playback on TV … All you need to produce your professional SD or HD movie in a box .....

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