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Snazzi* V is now the 5th generation of the Snazzi* MPEG Hardware Encoder family. It features DV transfer, additional AV to DV conversion for DV editing and advanced video signal filtering technology thus providing the ultimate visual and audio clarity in your final production. It incorporates the latest video compression technology to accomplish superior quality in MPEG-1, MPEG-2 and DV-AVI real-time encoding. Snazzi* V is also an MPEG Hardware Decoder to deliver cinema quality playback and VCR recording. This product supports excellent VCD encoding and MPEG-2 DVD Main Profile at Main Level (MP@ML) Full D1 and I-frame compression. With up to 15mbps MP@ML quality, it delivers video and audio contents with uncompromised-quality required by Today's professionals.

Snazzi*V comes with instant Pause & Resume technology to record selective segment from your video source. It provides CBR/VBR recording and with built-in presets which simplifies the creation of MPEG streams for VCD and DVD authoring. Snazzi* V has just set a new video quality standard in prosumer video production.

* Superior Quality MPEG-1/2 VCD/DVD Hardware Encoder and AV to DV-AVI conversion for NLE
* Hardware MPEG decoder for TV-Out playback and VCR recording
* I-Frame MPEG encoding for professional NLE with guaranteed A/V sync in long recordings
* Advanced Pre-filters for video enhancement and High Quality Still Image Capture
* Daily, Weekly, Multiple Scheduled Recording and Pre-Defined file size Recording
* PAUSE/RESUME function for selective segment recording
* Supports CBR/VBR recording and NTSC/PAL standards

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